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SmartyCam 3 Sport
SmartyCam 3 Sport
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All kits include a charger , depending on the version CAN connection cable and a German instruction manual (the free software can be found under the download tab on our homepage www.me-mo-tec.de).
When ordering, please state which length of CAN connection cable is required.

If the SmartyCam 3 Sport is to be used as a stand-alone device, a special DataHub must also be connected for the power supply.
delivery status: available for immediate delivery
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OASHS3-84HSmartyCam 3 Sport 84° w. holder kit SmartyCam 3 Sport
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OASHS3-84SmartyCam 3 Sport 84° without holder kit SmartyCam 3 Sport
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OASHS3-67HSmartyCam 3 Sport 67° w. holder kit SmartyCam 3 Sport
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OASHS3-67SmartyCam 3 Sport 67° without holder kit SmartyCam 3 Sport
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The new SmartyCam 3 Sport is the continuous development of the HD camera with data overlay for motorsport. This version is the entry to videos in Full HD quality, designed to be more user-friendly than its predecessor and improved again in many points. The SmartyCam 3 Sport delivers great Full HD videos with all the information you need in the overlay.

The Technology of the SmartyCam 3 Sport is housed in a stable and splash-proof nylon-fibreglass-aluminium casing. The microSD card slot is located under the side cover and can be used to load the individual configuration. The microSD card is supported up to a memory size of 2TB.

As with the previous versions, an external GPS module can be connected to the camera, which allows you to show speed, lap time or position on the track without connecting to the engine control unit or the data logger.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus technology

Special features AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

  • Fade-in of the motor data live in the video (Data Overlay) 
  • GPS via external antenna 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 
  • up to 2 TB  memory (microSD card)
  • ECU Interface (optional with ECU Bridge)
  • Nylon-fibreglass-aluminium case 
  • TFT colour display | 128x128 Pixel

Connection example AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

Technical data AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

Display resolution 128x128 Pixel
Lens Low distortion camera lens
Field of view 67° or 84°
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
Charging 12V charger | CAN |
Usage temperatures -10°C - +50°C
Power supply 9 - 15 Volt
Supported memory card microSD card | max. 2 TB
Data memory about 5.0 GB per hour
Video format H.264 | 1920x1080 Pixel @30 fps
Connectors 1x Binder, 711, 5-p female
Auto power ON Yes, if connected to an AiM logger
Auto power OFF Yes
Auto Start/Stop recording Yes
Dimensions 79,9 x 54 x 46,5 mm
Weight 200 gr.
Waterproof IP65

Functions of the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

1 Camera lens SmartyCam Full HD 2 Aluminium case with heat sink 3 1/4 Inch thread for mounting

Conncetions and functions of the AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

1 New fast locking system microSD card 2 microSD card slot 3
Nylon-fibreglass- case
4 1.45", 128x128 Pixel, TFT Colour display 5 Metal buttons with different functions 6 Binder 711-5p for internal AiM CAN Bus and charging

Data Overlay AiM SmartyCam 3 Sport

For the SmartyCam 3 Sport, you can freely select which parameters are located at which position in the live video. The following parameters are available for the data overlay:

Engine speed, accelerator position, speed, brake pedal position, temperatures, accelerations, pressures, position on the track, driver and team name, time / date, lap time, gear, team logo

The DataOverlay can be created at any time with the RaceStudio 3 programme, modified and transferred to the camera with the microSD card.




Pixel is not everything

With Global Shutter CMOS technology, image distortion is avoided during video recording. This is possible because the images are not captured "pixel by pixel" as conventionally, but simultaneously. The result is footage that is still captured at higher engine speeds without the so-called ripple effect.   The lens and the size of the sensor play a major role for cameras used in motorsport. In addition, it should be robust and avoid distortions that occur during rapid changes of direction. In addition, there is the problem that both close and distant things must come across sharply in the video.
SmartyCam HD CMOS Sensor   AiM SmartyCam HD Kamera Technik



1 hour of recording takes about 5GB
  The videos of the SmartyCam 3 Sport are compressed to a user-friendly size without losses by the H.264 format. This means that we only need 5 GB for a one-hour Full HD recording.

These files are stored on microSD cards. With current microSD cards that have a storage capacity of up to 2 TB, you can record more than 400 hours of video without having to change the card.

When buying an SD card, pay attention to the read and write speeds. We recommend the SanDisk SDXC Extreme Pro / Ultra.

The optics

Normal optics of the SmartyCam HD compact: when mounted in the cross of the roll cage of touring cars and GT cars, the image width is from A-pillar to A-pillar, which means the complete windscreen.   Wide angle of the SmartyCam HD compact: with the same mounting, the field of vision expands from exterior mirror to exterior mirror, with the left one usually covered by the seat. 
Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 67°   Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 84°


AiM SmartyCam HD Befestigung   There is a 1/4 inch thread on the underside of the SmartyCam HD. This can be used to attach the camera to the vehicle using either a suction cup or a pipe claw.

Optionally and if prescribed by the organiser, the camera can be additionally secured with a wire rope.

  SmartyCam HD Rohrkrallenkit       SmartyCam HD Saugnapfkit

SmartyCam 3 Sport SmartyCam 3 Corsa SmartyCam 3 GP SmartyCam 3 Dual
Acceleration GPS GPS GPS GPS
Data Overlay x x x x
Speed GPS | Vehicle GPS | Vehicle GPS | Vehicle GPS | Vehicle
Acceleration x x x x
Data Overlay x x x x
RPM x x x x
Temperature x x x x
Throttle position x x x x
Brake pressure x x x x
Steering angle x x x x
Oil pressure x x x x
Brake x x x x
Gear x x x x
Oil temperature x x x x

x = standard | o = optional | - = not possible | Digit = amount

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