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Solo 2
Solo 2
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The Solo 2 version has all the functions required for applications such as uniformity, dragster, circuit, hillclimbing,... are required. The desired route coordinates are transmitted to the PC via WiFi.
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OASO22-ASolo2.2 w. battery charger, 12V cable, bracket Solo 2
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The latest development from AiM is called SOLO 2 Available in two versions, it can either be used as a pure GPS-Lap timer or as a data storage device.

The version Solo 2 disposes over all functions, which are needed for Operations like for example Dragster, Circuit, mountain race... Over WiFi the wanted track coordinates are transmitted to the SOLO 2 or the driven measurement data to the analyses to the PC. Thanks to the 12V connection, it can also be supplied over the power supply network through an internal battery.

The version Solo 2 DL has additional an integrated data logger, which records, shows and safes the data via OBD II or vehicle—CAN-bus (at the moment AIM can communicate with approx. 2000 control units).

The Dash logger as also the lap timer, disposes over an internal 3 axis acceleration sensor, gyroscope, magnometer and an integrated 25 Hz GPS. The internal ring memory summarizes 4 GB and can record with a sum scan rate from 2.000 Hz with 12bit recording resolution.

Special features Solo 2

  • Lap times with up to 5 split times
  • Triaxial acceleration sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 4 GB storage
  • Integrated GPS Module
  • Various modes (circuit, mountain race,…)

Connection examples Solo 2

Connection example AiM Solo 2

Technical data AiM Solo 2

Tachometer impossible
Speed über GPS
Time measurement over GPS
measuring accuracy 1/100 sek.
Up to 5 split times
Start- and finish line separate settable
Lap time projection
Acceleration triaxial acceleration sensor ± 5g, Gyroscope, Megnetometer
Sum scan rate impossible
Connector 1x Bushing (Binder), 711, 5-pin
Data storage Nonvolatile 4 GB - memory
Power supply internal rechargeable Lithium-battery
external 12V over power supply network
Updates Software-and Firmware Updates free over the internet
Measurements 98 x 73,7 x 30,2 mm
Weight 240 gram
Protection class IP 67

Functions of the Solo 2

Functions AiM Solo2
1 LED's for gap compared to the best lap 2 Number of satellites 3 State of charge of the battery
4 Indication of the lap time (indication free configurable) 5 The function of the buttons is shown each in the row 6 Connection for external power supply

AIM Solo AIM Solo DL
Solo Solo DL
GPS Laptimer
RPM - CAN-Bus | RS 232 | OBD II
Lap time GPS GPS
Speed GPS GPS | CAN-Bus | RS 232 | OBD II
Acceleration x x
Lap time projection x x
Time | Date x x
Height difference x x
Route | Track recording x x
1/4 Mile Mode x x
Start/finish line separately settable x x
Regularity mode x x
Temperature - x
Throttle possition - x
Brake pressure - x
Seetring angle - x
Oil pressure - x
Brake - x
Gear - x
Oil temperature - x
Lambda - x
x = possible |  - = not possible  |  CAN Data depending on respective protocol

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