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SmartyCam HD
SmartyCam HD
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All kits include a 4GB SD-card, charger unit, USB - cable, 12V or CAN, connection cable, German manual and the Software.

Please state with your order, which connection cable you want and also the length. Either 12V or CAN for a connection to an AiM Logger.

If the SmartyCam HD is used without an AiM GPS devices, a GPS antenna has to be ordered additionally.
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OSCH-RHSmartyCam HD w. 4GB SD, bat. charger, 67°, DMSB holder kit SmartyCam HD
1047,20 €
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OSCH-RHWSmartyCam HD w. 4GB SD, bat. charger, 84°, DMSB holder kit SmartyCam HD
1047,20 €
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OSCH-BKSmartyCam HD w. 4GB SD, bat. charger, 67° SmartyCam HD
999,60 €
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OSCH-BKWSmartyCam HD w. 4GB SD, bat. charger, 84° SmartyCam HD
999,60 €
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SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1 is the first HD-camera with data-overlay for motorsports. This version doesn’t only provide videos in HD-quality, but also has actually been improved at all points towards the predecessor. And that not just compared to its predecessor, but much more also towards almost all other high definition action cams.

The technique of the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1 is placed in a solid and waterproof aluminum housing. Under the cover on the side is the mini-USB connection for charging and configuring the camera. Furthermore the slide-in for the SD card is there, which is provided up to 128 GB by the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1. With this card size HD-videos can be recorded up to 40 hours.

As already at the first version, an external GPS Module can be connected to the camera, which enables you the overlay of speed, lap time or the position on the track, without connecting it to the engine control unit or a data-logger. Over the also integrated tri-axle speed sensor the recording can be started and shows you the G-forces of your vehicle live in the video.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technology

Special features AiM SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

  • Live overlay in the video of engine-data (Data Overlay)
  • GPS via external antenna 
  • Three-axial acceleration sensor
  • Rechargeable lithium-battery 
  • Up to 128 GB memory (SD card)
  • ECU Interface (optional with ECU Bridge)
  • Aluminum housing
  • TFT color screen - 128x128 pixels

Connection example AiM SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

Connection example AiM SmartyCam HD

Technical data SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

Admeasurement Display 128x128 Pixel | 1.45"
Lens Tele-centric with 6 elements
Diagonal field of view 67° or 84°
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
1.950 mAh, 3.7 Volt
Charging Charging station | CAN | PC: max. 700mAh
Power usage recording up to 150 minutes (Stand Alone)
Power supply 9 - 15 Volt
Memory card SD cards | max. 128 GB
Data storage for an hour:
4.0 GB (highest quality)
2.0 GB (middle quality)
1.5 GB (lowest quality)
Video format H.264 1280x720 pixel @30 fps
Acceleration triaxial ± 5g
Ambient temperature -10°C - +60°C
Connector 1x bushing (Binder), 711,4 pins | 1x bushing (Binder), 711, 7-pins | 1x Mini-USB
Automatic start yes, when with AiM logger connected
Automatic stop yes
Automatic recording yes
Measurements 87 x 63 x 49 mm
Weight 280 gr
IP class IP67

The functions of SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

Funktionen AiM SmartyCam HD
1 Locking for SD-Card cover 2 Connection for Mini-USB and SD-Card 3 Camera lens SmartyCam HD
4 Aluminum housing 5 1.45", 128x128 pixel, TFT color screen 6 Metallic buttons with different functions

The connections of the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

Anschlüsse AiM SmartyCam HD
1 Binder 711-4p for external GPS antenna 2 Binder 711-5p for internal AiM CAN Bus 3 1/4 inch thread for mounting
4 Loop for DMSB safety wire

Data Overlay AiM SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1

Data Overlay for AiM SmartyCam HD
For the SmartyCam HD it can be arbitrary chosen which parameters are located on which positions live in the video. Following parameters are available for the data Overlay:

Engine speed, gas pedal position, speed, brake pedal position, temperature, acceleration, pressures, positions on the track, driver- and team name, time/date, lap time, gear, team logo.

The Data Overlay can at any time with the SmartyManager program be created, changed or transferred to the camera.




Pixels are not everything

With the global Shutter CMOS-Technology image distortions are while the video-recording avoided. This is possible, since the pictures are not like conventionally recorded “pixel wise” but at the same time. The results are recordings, which also at higher engine speed were recorded without a so called wave effect.   The objective as well as the size of the sensor, plays a big role for the cameras, which are used in motorsports. Moreover it should be solid and avoid distortions, which appear at fast direction changes. Furthermore there is the problem that close-by, as well as faraway objects have to be shown sharp in the video.
SmartyCam HD CMOS Sensor   AiM SmartyCam HD Pixels are not everything


AiM SmartyCam HD memory cards  

1 hour recording needs 4 GB

The videos of the SmartyCam HD are compromised through the H.264 format without any loss to a user-friendly size. This means, that for a one-hour recording we only need 3GB.

These data are stored on SD-cards. With current SD-cards which have a memory capacity from up to 128 GB, you can record videos with more than 40 hours without having to change the card.

Pay attention to the reading- and writing speed when buying a SD-card.  We recommend you the SanDisk SDHC 32GB Extreme Pro.


The optics

Normal optics of the SmartyCam HD compact: when mounting in the cross of the roll cage in touring cars and GT-cars, the picture width is from A-pillar to A-pillar, so the entire windscreen.   Wide-angle of the SmartyCam HD compact: when mounting the same the viewing range increase from the side mirror to the side mirror, whereby normally the left one is covert by the seat.
Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 67°   Optik AiM SmartyCam HD 84°


AiM SmartyCam HD mounting  

On the bottom side of the SmartyCam HD there is a ¼ inches thread. With this the camera can be either mounted with a suction mount or with a pipe claw to the vehicle.

Optional and if from the organizer required, the camera can be secured additionally with a safety wire.

  SmartyCam HD mounting kit       SmartyCam HD mounting kit

AIM SmartyCam HD

AIM SmartyCam GP HD
SmartyCam HD SmartyCam GP HD
Lap time GPS GPS
Acceleration x x
Data Overlay x x
Lap time GPS GPS
Speed GPS | vehicle GPS | vehicle
Acceleration x x
Data Overlay x x
RPM x x
Temperature x x
Throttle position x x
Brake pressure x x
Steering angle x x
Oil pressure x x
Brake x x
Gear x x
Oiltemperature x x
x = Standard | o = optional | - = not possible | Digit = amount

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