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MyChron5S 2T
MyChron5S 2T
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The new AiM MyChron5 S 2T with 25Hz GPS-Module has a high-resolution graphical display for the indication of rpm, speed,lap times, gear, 2x temperature, satellite reception and the data from the connected expansions as the lambda or MC-Expansion.
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OAM2T5S1-AMyChron 5 S 2T w. 1 exhaust gas sensor MyChron5S 2T
737,80 €
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OAM2T5S1-WAMyChron 5 S 2T w. 1 water and 1 exhaust gas sensor MyChron5S 2T
838,95 €
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OAM2T5S1-WMyChron 5 S 2T w. 1 water temp sensor MyChron5S 2T
737,80 €
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OAM2T5S1-AAMyChron 5 S 2T w. 2 exhaust gas sensors MyChron5S 2T
838,95 €
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OAM2T5S1-WWMyChron 5 S 2T w. 2 water temp sensors MyChron5S 2T
838,95 €
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OAM2T5S1-VMyChron 5 S 2T w. connecting cable 2T MyChron5S 2T
684,25 €
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OAM5S1-oZMyChron 5 S without Sensors MyChron5S 2T
648,55 €
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The new AiM MyChron5 S 2T has unlike ist predecessor a 25Hz GPS-Module, highre processing power and a new WiFi-Module, making data Transfer much faster than with MyChron5. It has a high-resolution graphical display for the indication of rpm, speed,lap times, gear, temperature (one or two with the MC5s 2T), satellite reception and the data from the connected expansions as the lambda or MC-Expansion. It is possible to configure several display pages free and to select them over the 4 buttons. The display-illumination can be set in 7 different colors and the brightness is controlled by a light-sensor.

The Speed is gathered over the integrated 25Hz GPS-Module, indicated on the display and can later with further GPS-channels, e.g. driven line, acceleration… be analyzed on the PC. The screwed on Lithium battery supplies the MyChron5 S 2T ten hours with power and can then be either charged or swapped. It also can be supplied by an external battery.

MyChron5 S 2T has two in seven various colors configurable Alarm-LEDs and 5 Shift-LEDs. Both Alarm LEDs can be assigned to every arbitrary measurement and shift-LEDs can be set sequentially, in full group and gear-selective. Over the WiFi-Connection the configurations can be transferred, the data downloaded or the measurements online checked.

All sensors and cables from the MyChron4, MyChron5, as also MyChron- Expansion, Lambda-system and SmartyCam can also be used on the MyChron5 S 2T.

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CAN-Bus Technologie

Special features MyChron5 S 2T

  • free configurable graphical display
  • multicolord configurable background illumination
  • 5 RGB shift-lights
  • 2 RGB Alarm-lights  
  • Lap times with up to 5 split times
  • Light sensor for the illumination
  • integrated 25Hz GPS08 Module
  • WiFi connection
  • 4 GB storage
  • Lithium battery

Connection example AiM MyChron5 S 2T

Technical data AiM MyChron5 S 2T

RPM Tapping inductive from the ignition cable
Measuring range 0 up to 60.000 rpm
Time measurement Triggering over infrared, manual or GPS
Lap times without limits, up to 5 Split times
Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec.
Analogue channels Only over MyChron Expansion
Temperature 2 Input
Thermoelement 0 – 999 °C, measuring accuracy + 0,75%
Thermo resistance up to 180 °C, measuring accuracy + 1°
2 Alarm-LED's when exceeding or falling below the set alarm values
Indication in °C or °F
Speed Gathering over integrated GPS or MyChron Expansion with sensor
Gear indication Calculated out of rpm and GPS speed
Connectors 1x Binder 711-3 | 1x Binder 711-4 | 1x Binder 711-5
Shift-light 5 free configurable RGB LEDs
arbitrary for each gear
Additional functions Displays the difference to the fastest lap at the split times
Lap time projection
WiFi connection
Light sensor for display illumination
Free configurable Display indication
2 RGB Alarm-lights, free configurable
multicolored Background illumination
Data storage Non-volatile 4 GB-Storage
Data transfer WiFi 802.11
Power supply internal lithium battery (10 hours)
optional over external 12V Battery
Updates Software- and Firmware updates for free over the internet
Dimensions Housing: 137 x 88 x 47
Display: 94,6 x 46,1
Weight 340 gr

The functions of the MyChron5 S 2T

1 2 RGB Alarm lights, free configurable 2 integrated 25Hz GPS Module 3 WiFi Module
4 5 RGB shift-lights, free configurable 5 4 Display metal buttons with various functions 6 Analogue rpm indication, free configureable
7 Gear indication 8 Light-sensor for illumination 9 RPM indication
10 Speed indication 11 Lap time indication 12 free configurable display part

The connections of the MyChron5 S 2T

Anschlüsse AiM MyChron5s 2T
1 Connection 7 pin for temperature sensor 2 Connection 4 pin for lap time 3 Connection 5 pin for expansion or power supply
4 Connection for rpm sensor 5 Exchangeable lithium battery 6 M8 mounting screw

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