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The AiM MXm is the dash logger which provides all the info needed by racers: it samples and shows key info like speed, laptimes, RPM, gears, it has a 9 axis inertial platform, multiple math channels and much more.
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OAMXM11-KMXM w. 37 pin wiring harness MXm
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The AiM MXm is the dash logger which provides all the info needed by racers: it samples and shows key info like speed, laptimes, RPM, gears, it has a 9 axis inertial platform, multiple math channels and much more.

Its strengths are the compactness, which makes MXm perfect to be fit into any kind of car and bike, and its plug-and-play usage: complete but simple, MXm is the perfect device for both Pro and Amateaur racers.

MXm samples data coming from your ECU, the internal GPS, the inertial platform (accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer), 4 fully configurable analog inputs, 3 digital inputs (2 speed inputs + 1 coil RPM input) and predefined math channels.

Logo CAN-Bus Technologie
CAN-Bus Technologie

Special features MXm

  • 4 free configurable analog inputs
  • 7 RGB LEDs
  • 2 15A power outputs
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Laptimes with up to 5 split times
  • 2 speed inputs
  • 9-axis inertial platform
  • Gear view
  • Daily and overall kilometers
  • 4 GB storage
  • 2 CAN interfaces
  • ECU Interface (CAN, RS232 oder OBDII)

Connection example MXm

Technical data AiM MXm

RPM Tapping from the ECU, from the clamp 1 of the ignition coil or CAN/RS 232/OBDII
Measuring range 0 up to 22.000 RPM
Scale end adjustable (x 1000): 4 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22
Sampling rate 10 - 50 Hz, free arbitrary
free configurabel over-revs-controll-LED
Time keeping Triggering over GPS
Laptimes without limit, up to 5 split times
Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec.
Lap time projection
Analog channels 4 inputs (0-5 V, 12 bit)
Thermocouple 0 –1200°C, Measuring accuracy + 0,75%
Thermo resistance up to 180 °C, Measuring accuracy + 1°
2 RGB Alarm-LED's when failing below or exceeding the set alarm values
Anzeige in °C oder °F
Abtastrate 1 – 1000 Hz, frei wählbar
Tages- und Gesamtkilometerzähler
Speed 2 digital inputs
Recording over inductive wheel rotational sensor ABS, CAN/RS 232/OBDII
0 – 438, Indication in km/h or mph 
Sampling rate 10 - 100 Hz, free arbitrary
Acceleration Triaxial ± 5G, triaxial Gyroskop and triaxial Magnetometer
Sampling rate acceleration 1 - 100 Hz, free arbitrary
Sampling rate gyro 1 - 50 Hz, free arbitrary
Gear indication Calculates out of rpm and speed, captures over gear sensor or CAN/RS232/OBDII
Total sampling rate 5.000 Hz
Connector 1x Autosport 37 pin | Souriau 8STA61435SN | Deutsch AS61435SN
1x DTP 06-4S
1x Mini USB on the wiring harness
Shift light 5 free configurable RGB LEDs
For each gear free configurable
Additional functions

Indication of the difference to the fastest lap with split times
Lap time projection
Wifi connection
Light sensor for display illumination
2 15A power outputs
Calculated channels
Free configurable indication

Data storage Non volatile 4GB storage
Data transfer WiFi 802.11 or USB
Power supply over 12V on-board power supply
ON / OFF over ignition switch
no data loss after powering off
Updates Software and firmware updated for free over RaceStudio3 or internet
Measurements Housing: 137 x 88,4 x 31,9 mm
Display: 94,6 x 46,1 mm
Weight 330 gr
Protection class IP65

The functions of MXm

1 2 RGB alarm lights, free configurable 2 5 RGB shift lights, free configurable 3 4 Display buttons with various functions
4 Light sensor for display illumination 5 Analog RPM indication, free configurable, under RPM digital 6 Indication of analog channels
7 Lap number and lap time functions

Wi-Fi Connection

Over the secure 802.11 WiFi connection the MXm can in conjunction with the RaceStudio3 be configured, calibrated or the data can be downloaded.

Two 15A power outputs

The AiM MXm provides two 15A power outputs over one connector. This can be configured by yourself, that it turns on a connected component at a specific analog or digital Event

Example Condition Action
Analog event Water temperature > 90° Turn on the fan
Digital event Luminosity < 40% Turn on the lights

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